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Our group also uses this advanced treatment methodology for gingival recontouring (smile design) and the removing of frenum to create lengthy-time period stability and smile alignment - Fountain Gate orthodontics.

Because the entire permanent enamel have not but erupted when early therapy is performed, their ultimate alignment could not have been corrected. Typically, a shortened comprehensive section of remedy, after all of the everlasting tooth have erupted, completes the correction.

Typically, an orthodontist will place each bracket on each tooth individually. Unfortunately, this is time consuming for you and can result in errors if one or two brackets are misaligned even a tiny bit. Early treatment can start the correction of serious problems, forestall more extreme issues from creating, and simplify future therapy.

However, in some circumstances, further orthodontic remedy is probably not indicated. Braces can improve the function of the bite and tooth, improve the ability to scrub the teeth, stop wear on the teeth, and increase the longevity of natural teeth over a lifetime. For more information, please visit our website

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