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Focus on smartphones For Content Marketing

Google is threatening by September 2020 to switch all sites to indexing with an emphasis on mobile content. In March, the figure is about 80%, so I’m inclined to believe that it will be so.

Accordingly, everything should be done with emphasis on the best communication of information to owners of smartphones. Let's immediately identify the trends:

  1. Smartphone owners don't like text carts. They need shorter and faster.

  2. It is advisable that a video be present. Some people prefer to look rather than flip a page.

  3. You need to correctly select images for screen resizes.

  4. Do not forget about the general convenience of the site. Everything to the last letter must be optimizirova be a mobile version.

In short, everything is very difficult. Now what you have accumulated should be optimized for smartphones. If this is a product card, then everything should be written so that a person can quickly get acquainted with the information.


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