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12 additional stages will be added to FREE MODE in which new unique versions of all 77 weapon types will be available to acquire.
Stages will be added to the DLC under the applicable Kingdom name.

Weapon types:
Horsehair Whip, Flail, Dragon Spear, Double Pike, Great Axe, Twin Rods, Extension Blade, Dagger-axe, Double-edge Trident, Flying Swords, Crossbow, Dual-headed Mace, Javelin, Podao, Wheels, Nine Rings Blade, Crescent Blade, Twin Swords, Dual Blade, Shadow Fan, Iron Fan, Gloves, Chain & Sickle, Sword & Shield, Short Pike, Throwing Axes.Swallow Swords, Chain Whip, Spiked Shield, Arm Blade, Sword, Great Sword, Flute, Striking Sword, Siege Spear, Boomerang, Spinner, Sword & Hook, Flail Sword, Axe, War Fan, Club, Pike, Tonfa, Spear, Bomb, Harp, Throwing Knives, Brush, Nunchaku, Mace, Talisman Cards, Twin Axes, Staff, Bow & Rod, Curved Sword, Bow, Shaman Rod, Lightning Sword, Short Rods, Circle Blade, Trishula, Dual Hookblades, Rake, Wired Gloves, General's Sword, Halberd, Claws, Three Sectional Staff, Double Voulge, Pugil Stick, Lance, Arm Cannon, Rapier, Orb & Scepter, Wheeled Halberd, Wing Blades. 7ad7b8b382

Genre: Action
Release Date: 6 Aug, 2014


  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz or better
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Sound Card: Standard audio device


If you've ever dreamed of wading into combat while wielding the world's largest corndog as a weapon, this pack is for you. If you're willing to pay real money to acquire some of the most powerful weapons available for minimal effort, this pack is for you (also consider the Powerful Weapon Pack).

The weapons in this pack all look very silly and out of place with the setting, so if you're looking for historical accuracy, look elsewhere. On the other hand, there is something simply liberating about taking over the world with the power of giant corndogs, and the power of these corndogs (and other silly weapons) just can't be denied. These weapons are all 5-star types, and their stats are mostly on-par with the existing 5-star weapons in the base game, with some being slightly below or slightly above the regular 5-stars' power. If you've already got all the top-end 6-stars, these weapons will be for looks only for you, but otherwise they'll be a great help getting up there.

The pack comes with 12 extra levels for Free Mode. In these levels, sometimes it's just you against an enemy army, sometimes you're given and objective like escorting a guy or defending a base. Some missions can be quite difficult, even frustrating, although most are a walk in the park if you have any idea what you're doing. The weapons in the pack are unlocked by completing objectives and making treasure boxes appear in these levels. All told, it should take just a few hours to complete.

Get this pack if you're looking to get overpowered quick, or if you need more humor in your life. The price isn't too outrageous, considering some of the other downloadable content for this game.

I have to say this, because it might be a dealbreaker for some: the Dual Blade in this pack is not a double-ended beam sword.. Killed 1000 men with 2 corn dogs. 10\/10. Burger power 10\/10. Beat 2000 people to death with a bottle of wine (Xiahou Dun). 10\/10

Weapons in this one include double hot dogs, a spade, a hamburger yo-yo, a speed boat, and a double-sided scalpel. If you're into historical accuracy, this pack isn't for you. But then again, if you're into historical accuracy, you wouldn't be playing Dynasty Warriors.

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