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DoDonPachi Resurrection OST Full Crack

DoDonPachi Resurrection OST Full Crack

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Track List:
01Donpachi Squad Departure (Select)1:20
02The Year 2008, Tokyo (Stage 1)2:32
03Dividing Road of Fate (Stage2-Obverse)4:17
04Many Lights Twinkling in the Night Sky into a Shining Future (Stage3-Obverse)4:22
05The World Falling into Shadow (Stage4-Obverse)4:19
06Element Daughter (Boss1)2:11
07Delight (Stage Clear)0:48
08Dividing Road of Fate (Stage2-Reverse)4:17
09Many Lights Twinkling in the Night Sky into a Shining Future (Stage3-Reverse)4:49
10The World Falling into Shadow (Stage4-Reverse)4:35
11Somebody, Stop Me. (Boss2) 2:12
12The Battle Was Just "To Continue that Future" (Stage5)4:26
13Longhena Cantata (Final Boss) 2:53
14Hibachi (True Final Boss) 2:24
15Who Decided About "Dying Peacefully"? (Ending)3:21
16Without Knowing Anything... (Name Entry) 0:56
17Dodonpachi Dai-ondo (Image Song) (Bonus Track) 3:55
18A.I (Voice Collection "A.I") 0:33
19Next EXY (Voice Collection "Next EXY")0:33
20PERFECT☆ (Voice Collection "PERFECT") 0:50
21Ray'n (Voice Collection "Ray'n") 0:38
22Shooty (Voice Collection "Shooty") 0:40
23Operator (Voice Collection "System Voice") 1:26 b4d347fde0

Title: DoDonPachi Resurrection OST
Genre: Action
CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.
Release Date: 13 Oct, 2016


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