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Do’s and Don’ts related to consumption of milk

We will also discuss some important Do’s and Don’ts related to consumption of milk of which people are generally not aware. Just have a look on these facts:

  • Beware of shakes: It is advised by doctors that no sour fruit should be taken along with milk or to mix up with it as it becomes really difficult to digest your milk properly.
  • Avoid milk empty stomach: One should be very careful that milk should never be consumed empty stomach as it may create digestion issues and also develop gastric problems.
  • Milk with snacks: Doctors strongly recommend that milk should never be taken along with salty items such as sandwiches and other baked snacks.
  • Pasteurized milk is best: Pasteurization of milk destroys the Lacto bacilli bacteria present in the milk. Therefore, one can opt for fresh bottled milk which are now available with home deliveries.
  • Healthy add-ons: Milk will act best when you take it with Holy basil (tulsi), Turmeric (in winters) and honey (for weight loss). There are several other supplements available in market but it is advised not to take them without doctor’s prescription.

So you can easily order cow milk online with some of the best online milk delivery service providers who brings quality fresh cow milk to your doorstep.

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