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Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition Keygen

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition Keygen

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About This Game

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn is a retro-style adventure game set after an outbreak in a city called Gray Bay.

Title: Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn Enhanced Edition
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Netherware Ent.
Desolate City

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

Just finished my first playthrough on Normal difficulty. Couldn't find a Handgun so I had to wack Maniacs with my pipe for half of entire game. Combat Mechanic is a bit hard to control, You have to face the maniac and wait as they get 1 tile in front of you to land a successful hit, but those maniacs aren't stupid; they will walk zigzag and make you have a hard time try to hit them, sometimes block your hit, or sometimes jump across your head and try to hit you from behind. I don't mind how annoying this mechanic much, I understand that the game probably want you to run rather than fight. As your speed is faster than them, and you can skip all boss fights until the final one. The soundtrack is ok, Puzzle isn't too hard as you can always check for clues.

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