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Original Title: Coogan's Bluff

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller






































Coogan's an Arizona deputy sheriff, who doesn't get along with his boss and doesn't exactly do things by the book, and also a little arrogant. Fed up with his rugged individualness, his boss sends him to New York to get a man who's waiting to extradited. Upon arriving everybody thinks he's just another bumpkin. When the New York Police Lieutenant tells him that his prisoner is still not ready to be transported, Coogan tries to be patient. But when he decides that he can't wait anymore, he tricks one of the attendants into releasing the prisoner and at the airport someone springs him. Coogan's boss is pleased that he has screwed up so bad, and orders him to return but Coogan feeling responsible or his ego has been bruised stays and tries to find despite being warn by the Lieutenant that he has no authority here.
An Arizona deputy goes to New York City to escort a fugitive back into custody.
I saw this a couple years back. I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan. He's responsible for some of the greatest Western movies ever made, and is absolutely iconic in my books, but he did have some duds like any good actor along the way. Coogan's Bluff I'm sad to say was one of them. I was really taken aback by how ruthless this was, arguably a bit too ruthless for its own good. It's not the vulgarity that sinks it though, but the bad pacing. It was really mundane to watch most of the time. This was the inspiration for the T.V series McCloud, but I've never seen that show either. If it's anything like this movie, maybe that is a good thing. Clint Eastwood is great and perhaps served as a precursor to Dirty Harry, but he isn't able to contend with this movie's shortcomings.

Final Thoughts: Die hard Clint fans will wanna check this out, but it doesn't offer a whole lot in my opinion. Clint would correct this failed attempt with Dirty Harry.

4/10 i'm a big fan of Clint Eastwood and Don Seigel and somehow this movie has always alluded me. well last night i finally got the chance to check it out and man do i wish it had been a little more slippery. The movie starts off promising enough with eastwood tracking a crazy indian sharpshooter in the desert, but once he goes to new york and the fish out of water story begins nothing can really save the tedium (not even the great Lee J. Cobb). Now back in the day i'm sure this was a huge hit and a great movie. but it just doesn't hold up anymore, which is surprising coming from this duo. for a real treat check out their far superior work on "Beguiled"


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