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Colour Tone wins new patent for PVCu colour masterbatch

Colour Tone wins new patent for PVCu colour masterbatch

UK-based additive and masterbatch manufacturer color master batch formula has been granted a new patent for formulation improvements made to PVCu polymer specific colouring system, Vynacol.

The company announced 10 July that the patent covers the refinements made to the formulation technology for the masterbatch, which comes both in granular form, for dry blend processing, or in prill, for pre-compounded PVCu.

“This [optimised masterbatch]… offers significantly improved melt rheology control for consistent processing of more highly loaded formulations,” explained Tony Gaukroger, director, Colour Tone.

According to Guakroger, the improved formulation, available in both granular and prill formats, can ultimately increase the quality of the PVCu product.

Vynacol was originally developed to solve historic compatibility and processing problems with adding colour concentrates to PVCu. The masterbatch is claimed to make rigid and flexible PVC as easy to colour as any other polymer.

Colour Tone maintains that Vynacol is suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding and provides “brilliant, vibrant colours, special effects and a superior finish”. Vynacol can also be customised to feature functional additives, including heat reflecting infrared pigments, UV protection and antistatic qualities.

Prior to Vynacol, colour was added to PVCu by using liquid colours, wax dispersions, universal and flexible PVC based masterbatches. All those colouring systems introduced additives into the PVCu, which could make the processing difficult.

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