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Chatur Singh Two Star Full Movie Hd Download

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Original Title: Chatur Singh Two Star

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Mystery


















































After an incident at Dadar Railway Station, Mumbai's Police Commissioner Rajpal K. Sinha suspends bumbling police detective, Chatur Singh, but is compelled to reinstate him after no-one within his department wants to be assigned with the security of disgraced and arrested Agriculture Minister Y.Y. Singh, who, after feigning an illness, is hospitalized. Chatur and his deputy, Pappu Panther, accordingly attend to the hospital and screen everyone that goes to visit him, including his wife, Savitri, and Secretary, Sonia Verma. Shortly thereafter, Singh is assassinated, Sonia is arrested as a suspect and lodged in a cell and refuses to divulge any information. Chatur decides to let her escape so that he can follow her and find out who was behind this high-profile killing. Sonia does manage to escape but he is not quick enough to follow, and she ends up in Capetown. Chatur and Pappu must now travel there and not only locate and apprehend Sonia but also must try to investigate her involvement in her employer's assassination.
A bumbling police detective and his sidekick attempt to arrest an assassin.
This movie tries to impersonate Jacques Clouseau but fails to do so.

The only reason I went for this movie was Anupam Kher, Shakti Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt are all good when it comes to comedy but the plot of the movie let them down badly here.

There is no proper plot, no proper story but watching it feels like you're looking at a bad version of Jacques Clouseau. The movie attempts to make you laugh but fails miserably to say the least.

The acting of Amisha Patel seems corny and just goes to show how her career has taken a down slide since Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

To summarize, it is not a good movie and you're time would be wasted so don't go expecting another Munna Bhai MBBS because this just ain't it. I have seen a fair share of pathetic movies. I even endured Dev anand's Mr Prime minister on a bad morning with a hangover. However, nothing and I mean nothing in world could make me watch this film again ever. I consider it a very strong statement because I believe that ever is a long time. From start till ending, its just rambling and patchy screenplay. There is no plot, storyline or anything cinematic. Despite the cast with a proved track record in comedies, CS2S fails miserably. Only things it ever does is that it stays true to your expectation of it being pathetic. I chose to say that this is Pathetic movie for want of more derogatory word. AVOID this movie with a capital A, Capital V, Capital O, Capital I and Capital D.


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