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Castle Wars VR Free Offline

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About This Game

Get an extremely new look at the VR RTS.

Lead your army to victory by combining different combat groups and supporting them directly at the battlefield

Title: Castle Wars VR
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, Strategy
Release Date: 9 May, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Simplified Chinese,Polish,Russian,Ukrainian

castle wars vr. castle wars vr

The gameplay is very shallow. I've played as much of this as i'd ever need to to understand the premise. There really isn't much strategy to it. The game ran fine, it was bug free, graphics were consistent and crisp, just wasn't really my thing. I did try it out to see if i liked it, but i found it lacking; really more for children than adults despite the blood. Pros: -good graphics, if you like cartoony graphics similar to WOW -functional gameplay controls and unit configurations - i basically know what they all do without thinking about it -kid friendly minus the blood, easily could recommend for teenagers. -no bugs 30 minutes into the game. Cons: -Cartoony graphics, for children. -Mind numbinglingly simple gameplay, for children. -even the blood could be for children. -did i mention that this is a game only children would play? I've played everything i needed to play in 30 minutes. saw the factions, the units (which are NOT described in game unless they are in the tutorial, which i didn't do because i'm a warcraft/red alert/ total war dork so i basically get it already. What can I say, I took a gamble, i didn't like it. requesting a refund. nothing personal, game was functioning as intended - there just is nothing there to really sink your teeth into. I was sort of expecting warcraft-y gameplay, but no. i played 5 levels in the 30 or so minutes i played this. apparently, this is half the campaign? Need I say more? Trailer looks way more fun than the actual game itself.. 5/10 Sort of TD like DOTA. Funnish. Maybe worth trying. Way too short as a single player game. Tried it multiplayer, but couldn't find anybody.. Way better than i expected, good graphics and fun game play.would love anotheer 100 levels or so added , or more levels just longer.hope the dev expands on this very good game. Would like to test it. but I keep being stuck in the main menu scenario. Menu doesn't react to anything with RIft touch controllers or gamepad. Update : Ok - naturally you have to press the trigger button and while holding it pressed, ram your visible hand controller into the desired menu button. Feels just right. The intended tutorial explains nothing. So you have to find out, that to place a unit onto the field you have to refine the " press and push " method you learned in the main menu: with the trigger button pressed, you have to (kind of) "grab" a unit from slightly under it. This doesn't always work, so the real game you find yourself in is how to successfully operate the game controlls, while enemy units are destroying your tower. The units optics/roles/abilities don't seem to make sense. I tried a fight with "Elves" versus "Alliance". The enemy units were running towards me at top speed, so I quickly placed some stone golems (intended as frontline tanks) and some archers (to fire from behind the golems) onto the (here solo ) fighting lane. Both unit types just ran towards the enemies. The "golems" were crushed to dust instantly, the archers ran until their bodies directly hit the enemy units to then begin to shoot (and die instantly). Like every archer is trained to do. All in all I would say, a great game. Oh, you can teleport around(*) wildly inside the various maps in and after a fight (then together with the menu buttons), which is quite fun.. Gameplay amounts to purchasing units with slowly accumulating gold and placing them into a portal to spawn out into one of the available lanes. Units march down the lane and fight the enemies they run into. If they get to the end of the lane, they attack the enemy base. First base to run out of health loses. This is a fine premise, and I could see a great game made off that base, but this one isn't it. I spent most of my time watching units march and accumulating a gold pile to pop out several units at once, and otherwise watched the fights. Most fights started you in the best high vantage point you were going to get; there is no top down view or flying available. You can teleport down among your units and look, but the models only really have one fighting animation each. This makes the fights inside the lanes look soulless and mechanical. There isn't enough 'game' here to be fun, and it isn't lively enough to be eye candy either.. If you own an Oculus, don't bother. It's meant for the Vive. I had a hell of a time getting the game to react to the Oculus's controllers.

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