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Can video games increase WNBA likability?

Can video games increase WNBA likability?
The WNBA continues to rely on its big brother to market and increase awareness of its league. It started back in 2018, when NBA Live 18 included women’s basketball in a separate-player mode among Ultimate Team and others. Two years later, the WNBA has another chance under the bright lights of video games.

The 2k20 MT franchise, NBA Live’s competitor, is about to do the same favor for the WNBA.

Though 2K Games hasn’t made anything official, Renee Montgomery and A’ja Wilson shared news on their personal social media accounts about upcoming appearances in NBA 2K20, which likely won’t release until next Fall. Leaks like these are good to grab attention and incite some hype around a sport. However, there’s an equal amount of uncertainty, too.

As for now, no other WNBA player has admitted having any part in the game. Another topic up for discussion is how NBA 2K will use Montgomery and Wilson — whether as career-mode options or something else. If the gamemaker goes that route, NBA 2K will join other video game franchises, like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssesy, in having playable female characters for the main story.
Outside of its Madden and FIFA titles, video game publisher EA Sports hasn’t had much success with NBA Live. Take-Two Interactive’s 2K Games, on the other hand, is recently climbing up the ranks, especially in the booming esports industry. Essentially, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. But for the WNBA’s sake, which of the two pays bigger dividends?Read More

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