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About This Game

Liquid chemistry has never been so much fun! Ignite your imagination with a whimsical 2D liquid physics-based puzzle game by Studio 2SD. Experiment with valves of colorful liquid, create and move objects to transfer the substances to their designated beakers. Use quick reflexes, problem solving skills and imagination to conquer each of the challenging puzzles, all in the name of science. Solve your way through 42 maps to reveal the story, or put your creative skills to the test with the in game level editor! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Bloop
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
KISS ltd
Release Date: 16 Jan, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128Mb VRAM with Shader Model 2.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


- Poor framerate
- REALLY bad tutorial, it's all crawling text that you have to wait 5 minutes for if you actually want to read it all
- The liquids have a tendency to glitch through moving platforms

- Good concept
- Great level design for the first few levels

I got this game at 75% off, so I ain't even mad. If you're planning on getting this game, wait for the sales.. Garbage
Wont even work
Mouse is off
Trash game not even woth 1 cent. Bloop is a really neat physics-based puzzle game in which you place platforms in an effort to guide liquids to their jars. There are also various obstacles and mechanics that you encounter and have to overcome, such as pendulums, elevators, etc. The art style is minimalistic, yet aesthetically pleasing, and suits the game quite well. To draw a comparison to another game, Bloop is sort of like Crayon Physics Deluxe, but with fluids instead of a rolling ball. Given the nature of this type of game, I feel that working with fluids, rather than a ball, allows for more flexibility and mechanical complexity (of which I am a fan of); the other side to this coin is that this causes a spike in difficulty that not all players will be able to appreciate. While I am a fan of difficult games, the quick spike in the transistion of difficulty between levels does cause a bit of frustration and can be a little off-putting at times. That being said, it isn't enough to turn me away from the game, just enough to cause me to take a break and come back later with even more determination.

When I first started this game, I had a small and inconsistent problem regarding it crashing a few times. I posted a review that stated my problem so that potential buyers could be aware of this. Whithin a mere minutes of my post, the developer (a SINGLE person) messaged me on Steam, asking what the problem was, and offering to help resolve it (the problem was resolved). This is a developer that TRULY cares about his work and his audience. These are the type of developers that are saving the gaming industry, one game at a time.

This game is enjoyable, difficult, and requires you to think outside the box, so to speak. I recommend this game to anybody who enjoys physics-based puzzle games that require deep and abstract thinking. The difficulty ramps up a little quicker than it probably should, but that's really my only gripe regarding this game. This gem belongs in any thinker's collection.. A good game to play if you feel like wasting a bit of time with a challenge but the physics do leave a little to be desired. Glitching fluid physics, small gaps making it very difficult to actually get the fluid where you want it, it can get frustrating. The dialogue can be funny though, even though the story is kind of... lacking. Still, not bad for the price.. I had high hopes for this game. It looks stunning, and after watching play-throughs online, I was excited to give this puzzle game a try. There were problems loading, no way to get partial completion (even though the score is a percentage), and the levels went from too easy to too difficult within the first 5 levels. It's not much of a puzzle if the player is just drawing lines and hoping the goo physics work this time.. Bloop is rated currently as 'mostly negative', maybe because it has no achievements. XD No mostly the people are moaning about the non-consistent physic, but as an excuse, were you ever able to see a consistent fluid? For example: have you ever tried to let a fizzy drink to bubble over in the same way? ^^

Bloop is like Puddle<\/a> - a puzzle platformer with fluid\/glue based on physics.

I think this game is made by one developer and you feel it at certain places in the game. Is it therefore a bad game? I would say it isn't, because I had a lot of fun with it. If you like puzzles and physic based games you should give it a try - maybe not on its full price but on a sale.

As in the video above you need to draw lines where the fluid can take its way into the flask. Simply as that. You can generate a force field with right click which lets the fluid follow your cursor. There are certain obstacles you need to solve first before you are able to fill the flask. At some levels you are not allowed to draw lines, then you need to use the force field blocks to guide the fluid.

If I wasn't able to convince you: The game has a sequel called
Blood Reloaded<\/a> and it's way better than the first game -...

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