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About This Game

The world was plunged into chaos following an accident at a bio-weapon research facility. 100% of the earth's population has been infected. There is an antidote that blocks infection from the airborne strain of the virus, but the effect is temporary. This antidote has become the de facto currency of the new world. You have been informed that an enormous quantity of the antidote is being stored on the last floor of a bio-weapon lab.

Game Features:
  • An original mechanic for dealing damage to enemies
  • Four-bit graphics using the Game Boy's color pallet

Title: Bloody Walls
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie
L. Stotch
L. Stotch
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware support WebGL - OpenGL 2.1 (GPU Memory - 256MB)
  • Storage: 127 MB available space


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Pretty simple and yet pretty fun, good entertainment for a few minutes, easy to complete achievements and overall chill gameplay, good time killer.. A short but very enjoyable game. Also some awesome music.. Not my style. This Game Is Hard...
If You Dont Do One Simple Thing Right...
Your Screwed...
Its Extremely Fun And Adictive At The Same Time...
It Runs On Anything And Everything I Have A Toaster And I Get 80 fps
So Im Happy With This Game. Good Game :). its pretty gud . done. i got bitten right infront of the zombie producer thing. Cool game
Lot's of fun when you want something quick

Sad news.:
I regret to inform you that the release of Bloody Walls: The Darkness and HHH: Day of Judgment - PROMO has been finally canceled.
In the near future, the pages of these DLCs will be deleted.

But do not hurry to get upset. In 2019, fans of action games (Bloody Walls, DED), we will please the new game.
Subscribe to the publisher page.
. Bloody Walls 2: Laboratory:

Subscribe. Cast your vote (Greenlight): Update 1.0.1:
Increased speed camera at 300%.
The speed of the hero by 20%.
Added graphics settings.

Fixed bugs:
  • Timer antidote;
  • Indicator reload weapons;
  • Absence of remuneration during the second passage;
  • Incorrect screen resolution when multiple monitors.
. Update 0.5:
  • Ability to select the game difficulty.
  • Compensation is now next to the NPC.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Big update with new levels and enemies tomorrow.
. Bloody Walls 2: Promo:

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