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About This Game

You're looking at a highly moddable, violent top down arcade racing game with infinite variety of randomly generated race tracks, campaign mode with dystopian storyline and 5d3b920ae0

Title: Bloody Rally Show
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Sports
Game Hero Interactive
Game Hero Interactive
Release Date: 2019-2020


bloody rally show

Closed beta v0.8.5 out now, with track generation and opponent balance fixes : - Prevent track overlaps at Start / Finish line - Overhaul of track generation algorithm to reduce hairy overlap situations - Adjust opponent car strength balance in Campaign. Difficulty will affect chance and amount of stronger opponents.. Welcome to Bloody Rally Show : I've been getting quite a lot of feedback concerning the game name. The "Simulator" part was something that bugged me and many other people, as it seemed as if it was a click bait title. So from now on, aligned with the story line, game will be named "Bloody Rally Show", as you will be taking part in a dystopian reality TV show that is trying to recreate the infamous Group B [] rally championships from 1980s. With this change, there is a new subreddit instead of /r/BloodyRallySimulator -> /r/BloodyRallyShow . Steam page has been updated with new screenshots and new game description, showing a glimpse of the story line.. Leaderboards are here! : I'm excited to announce that with today's closed beta release, six different Leaderboards were added.. Introducing the Car Editor with Workshop support : As promised, we now have Workshop support for custom cars, along with an in-game car editor, that will allow you to use custom car graphics and configure a plethora of technical parameters. It's not perfect or final yet, but it's another important step towards the final set of features that have to be added before official launch. Beta testers will have to switch to "development" branch in BETAS to try this out.. Development progress update: Cars : We have been quiet lately, and there are fewer game builds than usual for the beta crowd. We're not taking a break, it's because we are now working on one of the bigger planned changes in the game - new cars. They will be detailed, customizable, upgradeable, with custom paint jobs and Workshop integration. You will be able to see working wipers, engine bay through the glass, driver animations, moving glass reflections, visual car damage and much more! Stay tuned! Pssst.

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