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Beyond The Ring Telugu Full Movie Download

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Original Title: Beyond The Ring

Genge: Action,Drama,Family,Sport

















































Martial arts champion Andre Lima's fighting days ended with his wife's death. The past nine years Andre has struggled to rebuild his world around his two children. When his daughter's health suddenly fails, his finances collapse
Too much fake touchy feely stuff including lots of lame flashback scenes, horrible acting (Lima and the son are just pathetic) a plot that is boring, predictable and all around lame, terrible weak score accompanied by bad 80's music that wants to be "the eye of the tiger" and if you get through all of that you'll be rewarded with a horrible final fight scene. If you love fight scenes where a guy lands a big blow to his opponent and then turns his back on him so that he can begin showboating to the crowd while the other guy is getting up and preparing to jump in with his own big blow...Then you'll love the end of this movie. I was hoping that the final battle would make up for the rest of this bad movie, but it was the worst scene of all. They threw a mat on the floor of some dark room put up a work light and started filming. The set looks pathetic, there's a pallet leaning against one wall, a mop bucket visible against another, cardboard boxes laying on the floor...why? To make the scene seem more "underground"? If you have any event where the two participants take away $350,000 your gonna make the place look snazzy and not leave junk like that laying around. Let's just say that the final "set" was horrible and leave it at that. Watching the crowd of spectators keep showing up in this poorly edited finally made me question one thing... Where are they in this scene? I'm not sure they were actually in the same room, from the way the scene is shot it seems that nobody was close enough to the "stage" (mat) to even see the fight. And the fight... Just horrible, It's obvious that "Zulu" isn't even trying, look at his legs in any scene where he's on the ground and you can see that he's not struggling, he's not even moving. And in the end Lima turns his back on Zulu...WHY? Why would a trained fighter do that? This movie is just junk, don't bother.
Well, I don't even think I got words for how terrible this movie is. Its acctualy a must-see-to-believe, you might laugh your head off or you might suffer depression, watch it if you wish, but be warned- its like playing Russian roulette with your brain.

Even the trailer is terrible and the movie is filled with fact-mistakes. Mixed Martial Arts being portrayed as a bloodsport for people with nothing to loose is one thing, using slow-motion in fight scenes in order to make it look cool, is not cool. If you want to watch real Mixed Martial Arts of proper quality, go ahead and watch Ultimate Fightning Championship or Ultimate Fight, Pride or any of the other top quality, real, no-bullshit MMA Tournaments thats around the world.

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