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About This Game

Army Men II, the sequel to the best-selling title Army Men, takes plastic toy soldier warfare into the kitchen, bedroom, front yard, and garage. Once again Sarge will lead his heroic Green forces into head-melting, plastic-body-part-exploding, combat mayhem; only this time the battle is for control of the kitchen sink!
  • Crazy weapons: magnifying glasses and spray cans complement your traditional arsenal.
  • Plastic warfare's finest hour: nothing's as fun as melting Tan troops into puddles of plastic!
  • The kitchen campaigns: toy soldier warfare moves to the kitchen, bedroom, front yard, and garage!

Title: Army Men II
Genre: Action, Strategy
The 3DO Company
Release Date: 22 Mar, 1999


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This game is trash. Do not buy. This doesn't include multiplayer--and that's the only thing i wanted to play. Even the "Fix" doesn't work. Don't buy.. good to play this game again but why did they remove the offline multiplayer? was there a reason?
. A certain upgrade from the first Army Men!

Over all this captures the original style of play with a bit more refined controls.

GamePlay is okay in the sense of objective and combat, a strange mix between RTS and top-down 3rd person shooter.

Soundtrack is really bad, like bottom of the free music barrel bad, disabling music will resolve this.

Graphics are solid for the age considering it is almost 20 years old.

Overall this is an alright game if you are looking for old-school games but outside of that it's certainly nothing you would look twice at.

Get this game on sale.. Pretty good, builds off the first one. Was a major part of my childhood.. It is a fun throwback to the game I played as a child. However I finished the main story in a couple days and with the confusing removal of multiplayer there is not much else to do. I would say that if multiplayer is added in later it is more than worth buying it. But until then save your money for games that offers more than just nostalgia.. I wish it had the old AI battles it use too. But it lost them due to the updates. They can still be modded back in. It is still a center piece to my heart this game.. One of my favorite games of all time growing up. As an adult, I can say with confidence that this game has aged well, mechanically and graphically. (Although a Fullscreen or windowed option implpemented would be nice, if you tab out... your computer will do... something else.) Great game to waste time on and spam cheats on though. Pllay with hundreds of troops or go classically through the campaign, quick and easy. Best game of the entire series before Sarge's Heroes came around. And the stuff when Sarge's Heroes came out and after still doesn't compare to Army Men II.

Fantastic game!

P.S.: When all else fails...

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