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About This Game

Army Gals is a visual novel set at a retreat for delinquents. The protagonist is forced to attend after a misunderstanding back at home. Expecting a fortnight of hell, he i 5d3b920ae0

Title: Army Gals
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Dharker Studio
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2017


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I bought it for the plot, i swear.. Eh, feel like there needed to be more sometimes the pictures dont correspond with whats was alright.i mean i spent 4 hours on it and im kinda like meh.. Strange and Dark story good particularly if you like Dharker Studio story style.. Nice game. It has some challenge. But sexual content isn't challenge here. So do not be suprised when get it too early and without complicate choices. Some parts look too childish, but overall is cool.. Came for anime waifus. Stayed for a good story. Went back for multiple endings.. In Army Gals you play as Kyle, a teenage delinquent who is sent to a retreat in the woods hoping some time away will straighten his attitude. When he gets there, he meets three other delinquents stuck in the same situation as him, timid Andrea, no-nonsense Edda, and sex-crazed Raen. When the group's counselors leave and never come back, they realize they are stuck in the woods and now must find their way back to civilization. But surviving and getting out will not be an easy task. This game is a visual novel, a type of video game that is more about reading than traditional gameplay. Along the way, there are numerous choices offered to the player that affect the course of the story. In total, there are a whopping twenty-one different endings to achieve. The art in the game is okay at best. Being a visual novel, the characters mostly stick to a traditional anime-style. However, even within that style, the characters and other elements are notably plain looking with flat colors and a lack of detail. I was also disappointed with how often assets are reused for different scenes. I can understand reusing forest backgrounds since much of the story takes place in it, but several other examples just seems lazy like the use of a cabin interior for multiple locations. The music is only okay at best, as well. There are only a few soundtracks so repetition quickly becomes the norm. I found this to often be more irritating than a good addition to the game. As with any visual novel, the main attraction would be the story and writing. I will admit that I decided to try out this game because some reviews said it has an interesting story and is not just about the hentai material. Unfortunately, I found this not to be the case. To start, I did not really find any of the characters very interesting. I think it would have improved the game greatly if there was a lot more attention paid to character development. It seems there was an attempt to give each main character a personality and background, but it never feels as if it is very fleshed out. For instance, it is implied with Raen that she has had some troubles in her past that cause her bizarre behavior in the present. This would have made a great point to expand upon. Instead, she is portrayed as someone with some kind of hypersexual disorder and seems to ask for sex every five minutes. This feels like little more than lame wish-fulfillment that is not interesting and just becomes very tired as the game progresses. I was also disappointed with the tone in general of the story. Even after it becomes apparent in the story how dire their situation is, it still feels as though the game cannot decide whether to take itself seriously or not. There are some scenes, which I will avoid detailing to avoid spoilers, that seem to stray a little too far from the established reality the game takes place in and which ultimately feel out-of-place. I will admit there are a few jokes that I found funny in the game and I do laud the writers for the ambition of creating a visual novel with twenty-one endings. As has been said, available on the developer's website is a free patch available to play the uncensored version. If not for the story, then I would assume that is one of the primary reasons most will play this game. Perhaps I went into this with the wrong expectations. I was hoping for a game with an interesting storyline and decent characters, but I found one with shallow writing and gratuitous nudity. If you are looking for a cheap hentai game, then maybe this is for you. All others can pass.. As far as visual novels go this is actually one of my favorites for a few reasons: 1. The games story is about the main character "Kyle" going to a stupid program for delinquents because he was accused of setting fire to his school and something else i dont remeber right now.sorry. Anyway, you are being sent to this camp for other delinquents in the middle of nowhere, where there is 3 other girls who are in the same situation as you. To speed things up a bit, something happens that i wont spoil, that forces the 3 girls and you to find you're way back to civilization. The story isn't anything special, but it was certaintly enjoyable for me. 2. If you like a visual novel with a lot of choices like me, then look no further. There is aton of choices wich allows for a bunch of different endings, wich are all pretty different from each other. 3. A important aspect of a visual novel is the grammer, sooooo does this game have good grammar?.Yes.well for the most part. There is a few typos here and there but nothing special if you dont pay attention you might even overlook them, that's how minor they are so don't worry about the grammar and writing they are both decent. 4. There is nudity. If that is what you like then yeah, i can recommend this to you as well. 5. Visually the game looks good. Its nothing amazing, but it's good. It's different from the other visual novels that i have played. And if you are wondering about the visuals.Just look at the screenshots. Final Verdict: The Visual novel is solid in my opinion and is personally worth the 13 Euro's its asking for. And if you can get it on sale and you like visual novels, this should be a no-brainer BTW: There is a 18+ patch that adds a few more "Adult" scenes to the whole thing and there's even an achivment for installing it.Yeah it's partially that kind of VN. But please don't think that the entire VN is just gonna be that. It's story is actually pretty engaging too.. The best V novel on Steam. Really like the story! I like how the player character is developed the more you play the game, but I do admire the thought that went into him before all the choices were made. Played through several times. around 10. Different endings each time. Love the decision making. Hate the Music, not enough variety but other than that, I'll be playing again and again for a long time.

Poker DLC Coming Soon : Work on Army Gals DLC Story 'The Poker Game' Continues and is indeed coming soon, we are hoping for an August/September release based on current development. The main task at the moment is creating a satisfying conclusion for a 'win' as well ensuring the poker game itself work correctly as it should. This is of course a complex thing and so testing continues. Here however is a look at something that may be added as part of the endings when you beat a character in the match, obviously this is an early preview, not the final version. Work continues, but we wanted to give you a little update on how it progresses.. Poker Game DLC Release : We are happy to announce the release of the Poker Game DLC for Army Gals, in conjunction with its release we have also granted the Army Gals game and Deluxe edition a discount for those who wish to enjoy the full game and all DLC including the new poker game story.. Deluxe Edition : Army Gals will now be releasing with a Deluxe Edition which will include all bonus DLC Packs as well as future released DLC story packs. The five DLC packs when purchased as part of the Deluxe edition will grant players an additional discount on the full content offered. At launch the Deluxe Edition will include: Army Gals Main Game Content DLC #1 - Wallpapers Pack DLC #2 - Original Soundtrack DLC #3 - Digital Dakimakuras #1 DLC #4 - Digital Dakimakuras #2 DLC #5 - The Poker Game At present this is the total items that are guaranteed as part of the deluxe edition on release, however if release goes well we hope to create more dlc stories for the game in the future, which will also be added to the Deluxe edition..

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