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About This Game

Aetheria is an MMORPG which focuses on challenging dungeons, cooperative group play, fast paced PvP, and important crafting elements. Aetheria utilizes action combat, which means no targeting and no standing still while casting, ever! This makes for an intense situation every battle, whether it be with other players or with fierce monsters. The land of Aetheria is unforgiving and harsh, so make sure to bring friends and guildmates on your journey.

Dungeons in Aetheria feature complex boss mechanics and require at least 5 players to defeat them (Some will require 10 or more!). The rewards are great, but failing to execute mechanics will result in death!

Player vs Player
Fighting other players in Aetheria can be done in a PvP arena or via Guild Wars. Combat is fast and requires quick reflexes to destroy your foes. If you are victorious, special rewards are bestowed upon you!

Crafting is an important focus in Aetheria. Some of the most powerful weapons and armor can only be crafted. Crafting also is highly integrated into the progression of the story-line.

Achievements are an extra milestone for players wanting to show off their skills in Aetheria. With categories ranging from Crafting and Exploration to Dungeons and Quests, there is a fun achievement for all types of players! Achievements also allow guilds to climb the ranks, as the total achievement points of all members influences your guild score!

Costumes in Aetheria allow you to override the appearance of any of your current armor or weapons with any other piece of gear or costume item in the game. Customize away!

Each class and specialization in Aetheria has a unique familiar which can be summoned to fight beside you in battle against other players or monsters. These little creatures can pack a punch, so make sure to utilize them at all times!

Aetheria features hundreds of quests which will require you to craft, kill, collect, interact, and much more. Rewards for completing quests are important and some are even necessary to enter various parts of the world!

Conquer the world of Aetheria alongside your friends by creating or joining a guild! Guilds are a great way to keep in touch with friends. Guilds can also enter into war, making nearly every area of the world open for combat for warring members. War stats are tracked and even influence the rank of your guild.

Other Features
Nearly 2000 Unique Items
Talent Trees
5 Unique Classes with 2 Specializations Each
Frequent Updates b4d347fde0

Title: Aetheria Online
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Zachary Hodges
Zachary Hodges
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2019


  • OS: 32-bit Windows
  • Processor: Intel Celeron G3950
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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Valentine's Day Update:
The Aetheria Valentine's Day Update is now Live!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but there are problems in Aetheria! There is not enough love in the world and it has caused love starved souls to manifest into terrifying beasts!

Adventurers who encounter these poor creatures must engage in combat to the death in order to quell the rage of the broken hearts. If successful, Valentine’s Day rewards will be showered upon you through gift boxes.

These gift boxes can contain costumes and even a new sugary treat which can give you an edge in combat.

Good luck out there, adventurer… you are going to need it!. Achievements and More Update!:
This update will be live Saturday Feburary 23, 2019 at Noon CST!
A Client Update Will Be Required

Achievements are finally here! All players will now receive perks and bonuses from any completed achievements. A complete list of tasks can be found by pressing Y or clicking the achievements menu button. Achievement content can range from quantity based farming to creative ways to complete bosses. Players will need to use their imagination for some tasks!

Since the last update, Aetheria also hosted its first ever PvP tournament! The action was intense and in the end, Gowther was victorious! A special jester hat costume was given as a reward. Congratulations!

Along with the addition of achievements to the game, balance changes, and other small content updates were also made. Please see below for a complete list of changes. Enjoy!

  • Boss Summon Tomes are now an available item for players to craft. The recipes for these items are a rare drop from normal monsters found all around the world of Aetheria. The tomes can only be used if the boss is already dead.
  • The Valentine's Day event has been disabled. Until next year!
  • Sunken Chest costs have been drastically increased
  • Player tags on a particular resource, such as a tree, will only last 1 minute before the tag is reset
  • The Lasting Light tooltip has been corrected to show the right base amount of healing
  • Sentry Warriors will no longer receive the bonus damage on Hulking Bash when in PvP. (The armor bonus, which is inherent of the spell, is still applicable)
  • Bone Chill damage has been increased by 70%
  • Frigid Ground damage has been decreased by 30%
  • The Darkmoore Twins, Julienne and Grissom, have had their health increased by 20%
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Darkmoore Twins to permanently have the Family Bond armor and resistance buff
  • Fixed a bug which caused boss room sizes to be slightly off
  • Increased crafting costs of high tier dungeon equipment
  • Reduced Elite, Dark, and normal Skelewar whirlwind damage
  • Adjusted the damage reduction cap for spells and physical damage to 90%, up from 75%
  • Corrected the stats on the Greatstaff of Siphoning to more closely mirror other lifesteal weapons
  • Added an option to quick craft any recipe within a player's inventory. Just shift+click to do so!
  • Modified the functionality of the Fish spell. If Fish is cast while already attempting to catch something, the current action will be cancelled.
  • Added map icons indicators for party members
  • Fixed a bug causing Lich Darkmoore's frost breath to not hit all parts of the room
  • Slightly reduced Dark Skelewar and Skelemage max health
  • Slightly increased the damage Freed Spirits cause to Lich Darkmoore
  • Increased Lich Darkmoore's enrage timer by 2 minutes
  • Added missing tank warrior equipment to Azgon's loot table
  • Razorbone's Bone Storm now applies a stack of Bloodthirst to Razorbone if any player is hit
  • Razorbone's Sword Throw damage has been significantly increased
  • Razorbone's Sword Throw now grants him twice as much Bloodthirst if any player is hit
  • Manabone's Frost Wave frequency has been slightly increased, along with the number of waves which are spawned
  • Added client side prediction for movement which should create a smoother playing experience
. Class Balances and More!:
With the latest update to Aetheria come class balances and several other changes. Check it out below!

  • Frostbolt, Chimera Blast, Ice Blast, and Fire Blast spells - Damage has been increased
  • School of Debilitation talent - Fire damage has been increased
  • School of Havoc talent - Now also generates mana when triggered
  • Bone Chill talent - Damage has been increased
  • Frigid Ground talent - Damage has been increased
  • Follow Up talent - The chance to be triggered has been increased
  • Influx talent - Increased the mana gain per point
  • Instability talent - The chance to be triggered has been increased

  • Arterial Strike spell - Damage has been increased
  • Mighty Blow spell -Damage has been increased
  • Whirlwind spell - Damage has been increased
  • Way of the Sword talent - Damage bonus has been increased
  • Extra Hurtin talent - Damage bonus has been increased
  • Battle Cry spell - Critical bonus and buff time has been increased
  • Hulking Bash spell - Damage has been increased for Sentry Warriors
  • Challenger talent - Threat bonus has been increased
  • Intimidate spell - Threat boost has been increased

  • Explosive Trap spell - Increased base cooldown to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds
  • Frost Trap spell - Increased base cooldown to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds

  • Shadow Spray spell - Damage has been decreased slightly

Other Updates Include:
  • Guild leaders can now set a message of the day which is displayed to members upon signing in
  • General Manabone's Ice Wall spell now applies a debuff to players hit by the wall. The debuff decreases frost resistance greatly for a period of time.
  • Fishing bait now increases player's chances to catch a fish instead of increasing fishing level
  • Added a HUD for player familiars
  • Sunken Scrolls now cost only 15 Sunken Goblets instead of 25
  • Sunken Goblets now have a higher drop rate from all mobs in the Sunken Depths
  • Sunken Soul and Sunken Coffer respawn rates have been increased slightly
  • General Razorbone will now spawn more bone projectiles during Bone Storm and will also spawn a few extra normal Skelewars during Skeleton Army
  • Chat notification bubbles now distinguish between chat and server messages
  • Increased connection stability between client and server during login time
  • Fixed a bug causing Azgon's death animation to not render correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing bosses to try and apply mechanics to players outside the boss's room
  • Slightly improved server side performance

Enjoy!. Aetheria Update #19:
You can find the patch notes for the 19th Aetheria update below. This is a smaller update, as most of the development effort has been focused around new content as of late. Enjoy!

This update will be live March 16th, 2019 @ Noon CST

  • Added chat bubbles over players' heads. This can be toggled on or off via the system menu options
  • Added improvements for login stability
  • Fixed a bug which caused trees and other recently harvested resources to sometimes cause invisible walls
  • Adjusted the exit coordinates for the Darkmoore War Wing so players would not teleport immediately back into the War Wing.
. Aetheria Update #18:
Below are the patch notes for Aetheria's 18th update. This update includes several balance changes, fixes, and boss updates. Enjoy!

This update will be live March 9th, 2019 at Noon CST. Please update your client at this time.

  • Azgon's Roar spell now grants a 300 strength bonus, up from 150. The duration for the buff has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10.
  • Irok's Armor Crush spell now reduces armor by 1000, up from 600. The duration for the buff has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10.
  • Razorbone now casts Bonespike on the tank every 5 melee attacks.
  • Julienne and Grissom now cast Double Strike on the tank every 5 melee attacks.
  • Lich Darkmoore now puts a Furious Lich Bomb on the tank instead of a normal Lich Bomb.
  • Lich Darkmoore's cast timer has been slightly adjusted to make the final phase of his fight less reliant on luck
  • Players will now be invulnerable for 2 seconds after exiting Lich Darkmoore's maze
  • Mark of Victory drops have been increased. Bosses in the War Wing now drop 2 marks, and bosses in the Noble Wing now drop 3.
  • Increased the range of quest and achievement kill credits for party kills
  • Fixed a bug which causes the Potency talent to not grant the proper time increase
  • Fixed a bug with Gas Bomb Shot which caused its cooldown to be reduced improperly
  • Fixed a bug with the Battle Cry tooltip
  • Fixed a bug with the School of Debilitation tooltip

Mage Balance Changes
  • Increased Reflection chance to 8% per point, up from 7%. Incoming damage is reduced by the amount reflected.
  • Increased Follow Up chance to 10% per point, up from 8%

Priest Balance Changes
  • Light Barrier now lasts 6 seconds, down from 10
  • Light Barrier's cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, down from 2 minutes

Warrior Balance Changes
  • Way of the Sword's damage increase has been reduced to 3% per point, down from 5%
  • Hulking Bash's bonus damage for Sentry Warriors has been reduced to 35%, down from 50%

Ranger Balance Changes
  • Will to Live now grants a 3% damage boost per point when above 90% health

Assassin Balance Changes
  • Anatomist now grants a 20% bonus damage to Heartstrike, per point, up from 10%
  • Deadly Throw now applies a separate bleed from Arterial Strike. Heartstrike bonus damage is triggered if either bleed is on the enemy. However, Heartstrike will only refresh the bleed from Deadly Throw
  • Violent Tendencies chance to trigger has been increased to 9% per point, up from 7%.
. Patch Notes Feb 5, 2019:
Please find below the patch notes for the update today. Thanks!

  • General Manabone and General Razorbone both received damage increases
  • Fixed a bug which caused doors to get stuck after defeating a boss
  • Players will now be moved if they are standing in a doorway of a boss when it is aggro'd
  • Added more server side optimizations
  • Slightly increased database performance server side
. Development Update:
The Aetheria Easter Event is officially over and I hope everyone enjoyed the new costumes and consumables which came with the event. If you missed it, don't worry, it will be back next year!

Along with the small update to disable the Easter Event today, Battle Stimulants saw a reduction in their price from 3 badges to 1. This should make the consumable more accessible to everyone who enjoys PvP.

Next, I wanted to share an update on the new expansion, Elemental Disparity. Estimated completion is around 70% and the target release date is still the first half of June. Below you can find a high level list of what is 'done' and what is still in development.

What is done:
The Maps - Including the town of Greenwell and the new dungeon map
All Professions (Level 60 to 90)
Non-Boss Monsters
All Equipment/Loot
New Profession Cosmetics
New PvP Cosmetics and Rewards
Quest Planning/Design

What is not done:
5 new dungeon bosses
1 new spell per class
2 new talents per class
Quest implementation
Re-balanced stat formulas

Thank you everyone for enjoying Aetheria!. Elemental Disparity Progress Update:
Hey all!
I just wanted to post a quick update on the upcoming expansion, Elemental Disparity. Things are coming along nicely and I am almost in the final stretch of the development before testing can start up. Earlier I posted my target release time frame was in early June, but due to some personal obligations, I am going to have to move this back to late June. I am sorry for the delay, but I want to make sure I release a good product for everyone to enjoy. You can find the progress of the update below:

What is done:
  • All Maps
  • All Professions
  • Non-Boss Monsters
  • All Equipment and Loot
  • All Npcs
  • All New Cosmetic Items
  • Level 20 Quests
  • Level 21 Quests
  • Level 22 Quests
  • All New Spells for All Classes
  • Re-balanced Stat Formulas

What is not done:
  • 5 New Dungeon Bosses
  • 2 New Talents per Class
  • Level 23 Quests
  • Level 24 Quests
  • Dungeon Quests

. Patch Notes February 9, 2019:
Please see below the patch notes for the update on February 9. This update attempts to address latency and several other issues present in the game. This update requires an update to the game client, so please make sure you have the latest installation for Aetheria. For further discussion, please join the discord
Thank you and enjoy!

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Darkmoore Twins to attack players outside of their room
  • Fixed a bug with Sunken Jewelry set effects which caused bubbles to target players or monsters on other maps
  • Fixed a bug causing mobs to be invisible to the player
  • Reduced the amount of packets sent to the player to improve server performance
  • Increased General Razorbone's health pool slightly

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