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ABC Coloring Town Download Without Key

ABC Coloring Town Download Without Key

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About This Game

ABC Coloring Town is an interactive coloring book suitable to kindergarten and pre-school children looking for a fun letter- and word-recognition challenge in English, which also teaches basic computer concepts and skills. Travel through a wonderful fantasy village with beautiful forests, lush meadows and crystal-clear rivers on an adventure to visit 26 cozy houses, where each house is a word challenge and contains an intuitive and easy-to-use coloring book with fun options such as paint-brushes, fill- and draw-tools, and a palette of 16 distinct colors to select.

ABC Coloring Town offers a creative playground for children and is a fun way to learn Basic English pronunciation and words. Explore and learn letters from the alphabet as you visit cute houses full of pretty pictures to paint. A total of 78 pictures are included (3 pictures for each letter of the alphabet), and you will never get tired of exploring the adorable village.

Key Features

  • Interactive coloring book teaching Basic English
  • Fantasy Village with 26 houses to visit
  • 78 pretty pictures to paint
  • Fun fill- and draw-tools, brushes and 16 vibrant colors to select

Title: ABC Coloring Town
Genre: Casual
Release Date: 29 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: vCard with DirectX 9.0 support
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 150 MB available space


This game is a total waste of money, the game description states:-

"fun way to learn Basic English pronunciation and words."

I fail to see how this game will teach a child pronunciation!. ABC Coloring Town is a game for kids, where you're coloring drawings of items or animals beginning by the letter represented at the house you're currently stopped at.

Each drawing has the name of the item or animal on it. You have two coloring modes: one with a paintbrush and one with a color pot. In other words, the color pot allows you to paint an area respecting its outline. For the paintbrush, you can choose its size. On the side, you have a cube rotating, showing also the progress of your coloring.

And that's all. Once exiting, you're moving suddenly to the next house, whether you're finished or not with your drawing. And you can't go back. Nope, you're forced to follow the alphabet. And once you're back at the letter (after Z, you're back at A), the drawing is different. It's impossible for you to save and come back later or to find again the drawing unless being lucky.

The only pertinent audio is the letter being pronounced, because not coloring a picture is still rewarded by an "Excellent" or an "Awesome". The description of the game is confusing with Basic English prononciation. So don't expect the words to be spoken.

Despite the great idea to associate a word to its picture, the rest is just so frustrating that I largerly prefer Discovering Colors - Animals<\/a>, even with its major default of not having any word. At least, you can come back when you want to the game, you have a little animation, three modes and a better presentation.

Even the cute music or the 3D house and village aren't saving this software of a thumb down. Avoid this, even with a discount. And while I'm an adult, I can see the disappointement for kids that have to interrupt their coloring and can't resume it.. I CAN SING I CAN DANCE ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I CAN HAVE ABC COLORING TOWN YAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA OMFG BEST GAME 2k69 I LOVE GABEN FREE STEM GAMS. Do not buy - developer censors the art!

TL;DR = look up " PassPartOut " if you want an actually fun art game that isn't heavily censored or limited in gameplay.

If you want to give your kid a game to play, this one's fine. I consider it a better artist outlet than it is a vocabulary builder- but I'm not 6 so maybe it is. But if you want a software means to build a bit of creativity, then use the free-brush tool and let them do what they do.

Tl;dr - for 1$ on sale, it's just 'sort of worth it', NOT really though. As a creative outlet for kids or a game you can stream and be funny (just DON'T save those pictures! see below). It's alright. For full price? Wouldn't advise.

Edit: just remembered, you don't walk around. The camera moves from letter to letter automatically. It stops a couple of times crossing the river to see the water- but carries on. I did think you walked from letter to letter - which, I guess wouldn't be optimal for kids and would require more physics work and all - but I really wanted an emotional walk around, you know?


Also I got banned from this PRESTIGIOUS AND POPULAR game's community page because I replied to a joke question thread with a joke answer. The developer is the kind of guy who doesn't understand jokes, blocks and reports you. I mean, that just turns a recommend into a no-go! :C

Frankly, the team behind this game doesn't seem to allow the community to express themselves through the medium of art; and they report and ban pictures that they don't like. That sort of censorship on an art game doesn't lend itself to supporting those thinking differently about art.. Ok the only reason why one would buy this, is so that one could draw all the things that they are not supposed to draw on the stencils since they don't befit such a thing (for example giant anatomy, moustaches on all the animals and just go rainbow nuts). Problem is the prog is useless as a form of meaningful expression for both adult and child unless your child is inbred and been hit in the head one too many times.

The premise is that you go through a town one hut at a time which contains a letter, when you click on the door a stencil for you to colour in appears which corresponds with the letter on the door. For instance 'A is for Apple' and you get to colour in an apple. The tools you get are a paintbrush, a palette of a dozen colours or so and a paint tin which fills in the whole area for you with the colour you choose. If you do or don\u2019t colour it in, does not matter as it will say 'good job' and then move onto the next hut which has a 'b for bee' etc.

Once you have gone through the whole alphabet it starts again with another word that starts with the letter A and so on. Don't worry it doesn't get too complicated the words are always easy. It\u2019s not like you come across a hut which gives you a complicated term like 'A is for Antichrist'.

The accompanying music is so bad that your child will probably be forced to find where you hide that locked away gun in the house and blow away 'S for speakers'. 'P for Police' will soon surround your house and then you will have to 'H for hide' from the law.

This 'T for Turd' is done by these Mexican developers...\/index.html\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/\/index.html<\/a>

Sorry I tried to get into this as can be seen here... http:\/\/\/profiles\/76561198112866114\/screenshot\/275100415617890871<\/a>
(Update it seems the developer's of this game banned my screen shot of the vegetable stencil with a red cross through it. Apparently it was too sensitive for them? Literally that is all it was. Their stencil of vegetables and a big red cross I painted through the middle of it. And this game is all about growing up?)

And i thought with such a colourful review the Developers would have said 'Good Job, you\u2019re a cool bean!'


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