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Even the most successful entrepreneurs faced their share of setbacks early on; in fact, the average entrepreneur fails 3.8 times before becoming successful. Brian Dean is the first to admit that he struggled as an entrepreneur until he had an epiphany in 2010. According to an AMA he conducted on Reddit a year ago, Dean quit his job in 2010 to start working in SEO, but didn’t find success as quickly as he expected. He elaborated more on his successes and challenges in interviews with Growth Everywhere and Audienti.

In hindsight, Dean recognizes that failure is a natural part of the learning curve for all entrepreneurs, saying that the biggest mistake he made wasn’t that he was unable to develop a good system upfront—rather, it was not failing quickly enough. Since he was working on a limited income as a freelancer, he struggled to invest money into his SEO endeavors, so it took him a year and a half to really make any progress. However, he eventually reached a point where he felt successful

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