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What is the technology used in computer games?

What is the technology used in computer games?

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Comment by Terese Bologne on March 27, 2020 at 2:57am

This question is very broad in nature. But sometime back I had the same question in mind :) So I got curious and explored a bit, of how to create a game.

For a windows based game, developers take advantage of Graphic libraries like DirectX.

For web, it is WebGL (recently) before that Canvas or Flash based games.

For Android, OpenGLES.

Simply put, a graphic library helps you create diagrams, shapes, render colors. Wire them up with Event listeners - keyboard key listener, mouse listener. Throw in some basic gameplay and Voila you have a Game.

Technological progress is constantly evolving, and so are the games. They become more complex and they need more powerful computers. If you want to know exactly what system requirements are needed, then this can be checked on the site. So you can understand how well it will work on your computer.

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