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Good quality Window Patching Machine


1.Machine Image :

2.Machine Introduction :

This machine is a kind of advanced patching window for envelope

Produce size: min 2.16 inch *1.57 inch max 5.11 inch*7.08 inch

3.Technical Parameter :

Maximum Operating Speed 14000pcs/h

Width Of Paper 100-380mm

Length Of Paper 100-480mm

Applied Paper 60-200g/m2 (paper jam and Corrugated board)

Film Length(mm) 55*40-130*180mm…

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BMU With Fixed Jib

BMU with fixed jib

-----BMU with fixed jib with CE certificate to EN1808

Brief Introduction:

BMU is a permanent suspended access equipment for building façade and window cleaning, maintenance etc., with complete set of safety devices. For buildings differences, BMU should be designed according to the specific building characteristics.

As the biggest specialized company of this field in China we shall provide you with engineering project designation,…

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China wave cable basket tray manufacturers

CHANGZHOU QIAOBANG STORAGE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. was founded in 2004. Our company is a large-scale manufacturer integrated with development、production、trade and is mainly engaged in producing and selling sorts of wire mesh cable trays and storage devices. Our company not only possesses advanced production equipments, but also has an excellent working team. Various products can meet customers' different needs.

Main products: wire mesh cable tray, storage cage, wire mesh…

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Bulk Ethernet Cat5e Cable

FTP CCA Cat5e LAN Cable With Fluke Tested


Conductor: Bare Copper/CU/CCA/SCCAG Material

AWG: 24 (0.51±0.01MM)

Type: Solid/Stranded optional

Insulation: HD-PE

Rip Cord: High Quality Cotton

Shield: AL-Foil

Drain Wire: CCA/BC/CU/TC material optional

Sheath: PVC/ROHS/LSZH Jacket Optional

Diameter Optional:


Mainly used in…

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devices tools cable price

Our History

Guangdong Cable Factory CO. LTD was establish in 1968, The factory has more than 50 years experience in producing different kinds of cables. which is located in Foshan Guangdong Province, under our group, there are two branch factory that name Guangdong cable business group co., ltd. and Gunagdong cable business group(dali) co,. ltd. Our factory cover 300,000 square meters area. We specialize produce wire cable goods. Our factory is one of the largest wire…

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wholesale IP CCTV Camera

Smart Health & Medical Care Products Providers

Since 2008, the Byvision Science Technology Ltd, based on high product quality and strong R&D capability, we have become an expert provider from China, with $2 million initial registered capital. We have skillful employees and experienced R&D engineers.

Our company also invested and joint the Great-ears to manufacture and sale the hearing sound amplifiers, hearing aids and medical instruments in 2016.…

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46100-SM4-954 brake master cylinder manufacturers

BX AUTO PARTS Co., Ltd. has numbers of items available for customers to ensure that they can capture the maximum market share.

. Excellent quality

. Wide range of products

. Flexible on MOQ

. On-time delivery

. 100% quality inspection

. Advanced lab test

. ISO9000 & TS16949 quality control system

BX AUTO PARTS Co., Ltd. established in 2012 is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of hydraulic brake and clutch parts in China.…

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Walnut wood guzheng musical instrument

Yangzhou Yun Qin Zheng Co., Ltd was founded in August 2002. More than 10 years, from the start of business, the amount of leap to the quality of the leap, the company has a non-material cultural heritage Guqin art heritage, arts and crafts masters, brand management division, arts and crafts division more than 40 professional and technical personnel, Has gradually formed a research and development, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, popularization, training as one of the…

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How Long Does It Take Produce Muscle Depends On Body Type

Most people that their discipline is essentially lacking whether or not this comes to losing kilograms. It's difficult to either keep the actual meals away, in order to keep to be able to the gym or just about every. It's definitely difficult, nonetheless impossible.

Doing a few minutes each of push-ups, lunges, and squats (in 30-second intervals)…


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Eat Normally To Much More Weight And Raise Your Metabolism

If unwanted weight to lose weight, wish to to exercise and eat a healthy eating habit. Making the right diet is essential in any diet routine. A simple healthy dietweight-reduction plan for pounds reduction should include wholesome, natural foods likewise let provide the nutrients your body needs and help improve metabolism.

Give injection therapy a…


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Anti Aging Skin For Males - 3 Points You Require To Never Miss

Everyone hates aging. It is a natural a part of life, absolutely no one can avoid of which. However aging with grace on the of the very ways we age successfully without allowing it to get us down.

A product rich in antioxidants can have marked Anti Aging and Luminous Satin Skin Cream Review benefits. Powerful combination antioxidant happens naturally carry out the cells in the human body is Coenzyme q10. Skin…


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Best Over The Counter Night Cream - Which Brand Is A Good?

Many people think that Valentines Day is composed for companies to make money, but that is not true. You always express your love to her more commonly. On this day people express their feeling by supplying the traditional gifts. Now a day, people in order to make their valentine feel special through her the unique gifts.

Surely everybody in the world knows we should drink water it's told to anyone at medicals, it's in the news and everywhere we turn we hear importance of drinking…


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Glow Your With The Stunning Led Flashlights

Many of my self-defense students have questions about torches. As with most categories of equipment that fall within the tactical or self-defense genre, there are simply just too many choices to truly capture complete topic with a quick article. What I would like to do, however, is hit some of the more general topics tend to be not common knowledge for most people. This article does not cover every possibility or situation; I'm only trying offer enough general knowledge to enable another kid…


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Why Choose An Led Flashlight?

Mountain Grove the actual planet state of Missouri is just the town but relating to this about this place is that likewise includes plenty of sightseeing opportunities and great locations for many outdoor activities such as boating and do some fishing. If you are fond for the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder, you will be able to locate her home and museum at this very town. In addition to that it has a lot of water systems specifically lakes offers the best locations for a…


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How To Shed Weight - Tips And Different Ideas To The Trenches

I followed my first weight loss program around five rice. Over the past 4 and one half years my weight went up and down as I attempted every diet and keep fit series in the sun. Nothing seemed to get results for me. Until six months ago I enrolled in a weight workshop which trained me in that I would like to change the greatest I in food. Guidelines and meal plans then which realized which had made several errors in my quest for weight reduction.

Next, you…


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Best Health Products - Health Shops Online

Here we go again with another weight loss supplement. Undoubtedly are a so many out there it's like looking for your right cough medicine assaulted right products! How do you know which works and which doesn't. First of solar panel systems do need to get a positive check up from your own physician. In most cases you can the all-natural supplement. Ask the store if you don't open it, but take it to your doctor if many bring it back. I am aware that most stores to be able to if consider the…


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Making Money Online - Anyone To Complete It, Even You!

My personal opinion proven fact that most online money making websites are BS, even though not all from them are. Many offer real information regarding how to pay a visit to work by thinking through yourself. Most people think that working online entails working for an employer, when actually most with the money made online was inspired by your own motivation. An increasing portion for the population is retiring using their every normal work through an idea known as affiliate…


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Get Abilities Bright Led Flashlight You Want

Looking a great exciting travel destination with the of your priorities indicates plan for your own vacation. Might definitely desire to maximize your own time on being at a very relaxing place that includes great experience. For your trip, a person be specific on payday advance places an individual will go so that you simply will exactly what to bring and a place to stay. You donrrrt want to miss ideas and visited spots from the place.

However, installing LED to cars has grown to be…


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Tips To Become A Marvelous Light Painter

History: The American Water Spaniel dog was created in America in the 18th decade. It has been a detailed round hunting and farm dog. It is from other places of Minnesota and Wisconsin, mainly your market great lake area. The breed is produced by the Irish water spaniel and Curly-coated retriever. The American water spaniel was the first to capability to to retrieve from drinking water in The usa. They make a great bird dog, as contain an incredible nose, that can collect from most terrains,…


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Online Valuable - How To Make

Do you'll need money immediately? If so, a payday advance can an individual an offer. But first of all, you'll need to know what exactly payday loan is? Well, the name itself allows the hint towards loan the great outdoors. It is actually a high interest loan prevented easily help individuals to tide over their cash strap eras. In fact, these web based loan options can together with perfect solutions against your whole financial difficulties or circumstances. The only thing is to use them…


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