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Beannachd leat pronunciation guide

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beannachd pronunciationbeannachd leibh



Beannachd = Byahn-uhchk (or Byon-uhchk) This means literally "A blessing." leat = let ( means "to you" when talking to one person.) How do you say beannachd leibh? Listen to the audio pronunciation of beannachd leibh on pronouncekiwi. beannachd leat translation in Scottish Gaelic-English dictionary.Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce beannachd in Scottish Gaelic with native Beannachd leat Phrases Definition / Synonyms Guides / Events. Dictionary: beannachd leat - ? meaning, ? definition, ? synonyms. 1 Meith 2016 Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Beannachd leat in Scottish Gaelic with native pronunciation. Beannachd leat translation and Scottish Gaelic[edit]. Interjection[edit]. beannachd leat · goodbye (informal singular). Synonyms[edit]. slan leat · mar sin leat. Related terms[edit]. beannachd leibh 8 Mar 2010 28 Mar 2011 Beannachd leat/leibh (BAY-uh-nach layt/ leev). Remember that pronunciations are approximate, and there are regional differences. How do you say beannachd? Listen to the audio pronunciation of beannachd on pronouncekiwi.


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