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I have a 2000 SLE that has a sticking or binding gas pedel or throttle body. If I get the car warmed up the gas pedel will stick or push hard if it sits for about 5mins. It happens most when I am heading home from work --30 min drive-- and I have to stop at the store for something. Most of the time I will shut off the car for about 5min. When leaving the pedel will push very hard until I use enough force to break it free and then it will work fine. Just that sitting makes something bind and stick. When the car is cold I have no problems at all. This is my second 2000 bonneville and it did this with both cars. The first one had about 120,000 miles and this one has about 195,000 miles. It is starting to get really bad on hot days and seems to want to sick when driving down the road. We have had this car since it had 32,000 miles on it and this has been happening since the car had about 50,000 or so. It is just getting worse and since I just installed a new tranny in it I will be keeping it for awhile longer and want to fix a few of the small problems. Just wondering if a Throttle body cleaning would fix this problem or what some other things I could look at.
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