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How to retrieve bitcoin gold from the electrum wallet?

The morality of Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold claims to be “ for everyone, for everything”.But the rationale behind it is fair mining.

Bitcoin Gold co-creator Alejandro Regojo stated his idea of developing Bitcoin Gold. He stated-” one CPU, one vote”.He claims that Bitcoin Gold is not competing with any cryptocurrency.

In the future, BTG will rule as it is truly based on decentralization and lower fees

What is Electrum?

Want to find bitcoin addresses? Get it from a very popular Bitcoin wallet that is Electrum. It works with multiple UI’s like Android, iOS, and Linux. It just supports BTC (Bitcoin Cash). The Electrum wallet is available free for download via

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Top Best Bitcoin Wallet

  • Bitcoin Gold core
  • Exodus
  • Freewallet

Some steps require in a retrieval process

Step 1- Download  the Electrum wallet from

Step 2- Open your wallet, select the menu and then click to show address

Step 3-Now, start searching your address which has the Bitcoin Fork date i.e 12 November

Step 4-It is a time to select your private keys

Step 5 -For accessing the encrypted wallet, enter your password. The private keys will be accessible.

Step 6-The QR code is at the bottom of the screen. Hit it to start using your wallet

Step 7-Install Coinnomi, an Android app. Through this app, you easily hold your Bitcoin gold

Step 8-Repeat the further steps until you get track of each address in Electrum


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