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you and Mark both are an idol and because you both couldn go public with your relationship, Mark and you decided to use jewelry (ring and bracelet) and commited to use it everytime except on showcases when you guys need to take it off.And that time you were oversensitive because of your period. Then you saw a fantaken picture of his fanmeeting in Singapore and saw that Mark didn wear the ring, and you didn know that Mark actually wear the bracelet under his sleeve cartier gold bangle bracelet cheap. Aaaand you attacked him during your FaceTime.Thank you for asking anyway. Don hesitate to ask if you confused. :)[FANFICTION] I Wear It (Mark)saw the fantaken photos, I said in the middle of our usual pointless facetime conversation. Mark questioned with his eyes, wordlessly asked me to continue. the thing? thing? he asked. I rolled my eyes.I need to tell you like thousand times about it? I whined.babe I don understand what do you mean by the thing, Mark answered confusedly. Suddenly I could hear Jaebum voice asked for razor.for him first while you think about it, I said sarcastically. Mark shouted the location of the razor and went back to me.what going on? Mark asked again. He never thought he did anything wrong during GOT7 press conference.wasn even a showcase, Mark Tuan, I said annoyingly.Mark seemed to get the idea what did he wrong Then he folded his left sleeve of his hoodie and showed his Cartier bracelet. the left side. I wear it right. I flustered.ring is on my pendant. Don worry, he reassured. how your showcase? mistakes though, but everyone worked hard, I said.also saw the fantaken photos. You wore those, he said. I rolled my eyes.least that the way I can prove to you that I taken, I jokingly said. few knows duh. the way, are you on your period right now? he need to say it out loud when I can hear Bambam voice right there? I growled.I am correct, Mark laughed. 12 in Singapore. So 2 in Seoul. Sleep. should I? I asked in a sarcastic right you are in your bloody week, he said again. don want you to be stressed by acnes tomorrow morning. you don want to be with me if I have acnes? I shouted. am the same age as Joey, though. Bye, Mark. he laughed. now. I tired. Morning flight tomorrow. bye, I rolled my eyes and put my phone aside after I ended the video call.And who knows the next day, straight from the airport, Mark showed in front of the studio with a small bouquet and a box called WEEK SURVIVAL TOOL which contained all the snacks I like?to be a sweet boyfriend to repay the weeks we couldn spend together, he cleared his throat.up for any food munching and netflix calls anytime cartier fake ring cheap, he added with a cocky smile.and cream this time, he claimed and I nodded.12:05 am + 51because we wear the same cartiermark tuanmark tuan scenariomark tuan scenariosmark tuan imaginesgot7 scenariosgot7got7markmy markipoo feelsI turned off the loud upcoming comeback song just to take my phone that kept ringing for the last 30 minutes. The caller has left approximately 20 missed calls which was quite annoying, and that was why I sighed hard before saying hello.the very familiar voice said. are you? duh, I rolled my eyeballs although he couldn see. But he close enough to know just by hearing my eaten? he asked. just finished my last schedule. Probably I can send you a Subway personally cartier fake ring love. need, oppa. Thanks, I said.

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